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With life spent in both the Northwest exploring the back country waterways and poling the flats of South Florida, we are inspired to create a brand suitable for everyone. Fishing With Feathers is lifestyle apparel brand built for fresh water lakes and rivers, saltwater beaches and flats and everything in-between. We are proud to unify the fly fishing industry with products for everyone.

Our Gratitude

We could not do this without you! Thank you to all of our customers who have been there to support and motivate us. Fishing With Feathers is excited to continue to build a brand for the full time fisherman, whether you're a full time guide or full time 9 to 5 we will continue to provide gear that you will love to wear. 


We are proud to share our Fishing With Feathers brand with the world

Kyler Wartman - Co-Owner

Sales and Design

Kyler was born and raised in Idaho with the passions of sports and fishing. After finishing college in Hawaii he spent some time exploring the flats of South Florida. His passion for adventure feeds his creativity to create the brand Fishing With Feathers.

Kelsey Wartman - Co-Owner

Marketing and Operations

Kelsey grew up in Florida playing on the beaches and bays of west florida. She  graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Marketing. Her determination and drive is the cornerstone that Fishing With Feathers is built on.

Kooper Wartman

Public Relations

Kooper is responsible for building and maintaining all relationships with current and prospective customers. His love for people and ability to make people smile is simply hard to replicate. Welcome to the team Kooper!

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